Foot Zone Therapy

is one of the best ways to bring balance into your life.


So you are thinking about becoming a Foot Zone Therapist? Nice! We believe that every family or individual should have the tools needed to help themselves and those they love in times of need, sickness, and/or emotional duress. Our values are rooted in light and love so that all who work with us may know that we have the training, skills, and wisdom to make a difference in life.

We are proud to say that our foot zone therapy training program and technique is highly sought after by those seeking quality training, competency of the modality, and a life long partnership of continued education. If this sounds like something you are interested in, then we should chat more.

Here at We Do Feet Seminars, we have established a course curriculum that is unlike any other program out there. It is our intent that we will continue to offer the most up to date foot zone techniques and energy correction modalities. Along with offering in-depth hands on training of the various foot zone techniques.

Sounds pretty great, doesn't it? We would love to have you join our next course! We are all tied together through very thin strings in this beautiful tapestry called life. It is amazing to see who is weaved into our world. So, go ahead and trust your intuition and gut on this choice. We trust the process.

Why Choose We Do Feet Seminars?

Who Can Benefit? Everyone!

Continued Education:

We offer free continued education for life to all We Do Feet Graduates. We believe in allowing our students that opportunity for growth in every life phase.


We have 34 amazing instructors for you to learn from who teach in-person and online classes. We also have hundreds of students who you can create life long friendships with.


We have our own Foot Zone Association that is registered with the State of Utah. All our students receive a three membership into the Association for a fee of only $25.


We pride ourselves in keeping our tuition affordable for our students. Fun fact! We haven't raised our tuition since opening back in 2001. Kinda cool, huh?


We believe in living a value based life and strive to teach others how to do that as well. Our core values are centered around faith, knowledge, and belief. We invite all to bring join us in this.

We are confident that you will be a competent and confident Foot Zone Therapist. Here's why...

Get To Know Our Graduate Requirements

We Do Feet Seminars' Graduate Requirements

  • 60 Hours of In Class Mapping/ Signal Explanation

  • 60 Hours of Hands-on Training and Practical Application

  • 15 Hours of Business Building

  • 10 Hours of Ethic Training

  • 5 Hours of Proper Sanitation Practices and Training

  • 30 Hours of Anatomy and Physiology

  • 15 Hours of Essential Oil Education

  • 45 Hours of Life Coaching and Success Principles

  • 50 Hours of Independent Studies

  • 100 Documented Foot Zones

  • Written and Practical Final Examination

Total 380 Hours

The State of Utah Requirements

  • 300 Hours of Class Instruction

    (80 Hours must be towards anatomy and physiology)

  • Final Examination

Whew! That's an impressive list we have going on! If you read our requirements and and thought, "How will I ever finish all that?" Don't worry! We have created a course that anyone can succeed with. We have taught working parents, full-time students, individuals as young as 14 years old and as old as 68. We have had students with disabilities such as blindness, autism, dyslexia, anxiety and depression, learning disabilities, and more. That's how confident we are in our course. Anyone can learn to Foot Zone if you are willing to trust us and trust yourself.

Also, don't forget that we offer free continued education with life; so our goal isn't to boot you out the door the day of graduation. We want you to stick around and join us in different seasons and phases of your life. Maybe life gets a little chaotic while you are taking the course. That's okay! We aren't going anywhere and we will work with you so that this course is exactly what you need to succeed and grow.

Tuition and Fees

Student Tuition = $3650

Pay in Full Discounts and Payment Plans are available.

Fun Fact! We haven't raised our tuition price since opening our doors back in 2001.

Textbooks = $250 (non-refundable)

Due upon registration.

We Do Feet Seminars' Foot Zone Association Membership = $25 initial registration and a 3 year membership. (New Students: this is included in your registration fee)

Renewal = $15 Due every 3 years.



Foot Zone Therapy

We take a great amount of pride in how detailed and accurate our maps are of the Foot Zone. Our technique is based off the "Erdsal Method". We believe that the Foot Zone is meant to evolve and our instructors are continuously working to create new signals and techniques.

Law of Attraction

Everything is this universe is energy. We teach our students how to become more aware of the energy around them so that they can begin to create the type of life they want. Remember, a desire in the heart is the universe telling you that it can be yours to achieve.


Learning how to open and cleanse these energy points that are found along the mid-line, can be instrumental in healing. One of our favorite things about Foot Zoning is that it works so well with other complementary modalities like acupuncture, reiki, chiropractic, yoga, etc.

Anatomy & Physiology

We teach all our students high school level, basic human anatomy and physiology throughout the course. Our goal is to provide them with a working understanding of the human body. Our curriculum is intended to create a solid foundation that can be built upon if needed.


Our intent with teaching nutrition is to educate students on the universal truths of nutrients and digestion. Most people would agree that it can be exhausting trying to sort through all the information out there about nutrition. We offer a comprehensive guide that eliminates the guesswork.

Emotion Releasing

When Sue and Brad Noall first learned Foot Zoning , Emotional Clearing and Releasing was not a part of the technique. Through years of studying, praying, practicing, and learning it is now a crucial part of our curriculum and Foot Zoning sessions. We teach that addressing the body as a whole is how healing occurs.

Muscle Testing

Muscle Testing is also known as Applied Kinesiology. It is the art of intuition. We teach all our students how to recognize and trust the truth within each and everyone of them. We also encourage all our students to listen to their spirits and learn how their body prefers to communicate with them.

Business Building

Whether you want to learn Foot Zoning to help your friends and family, or create a new source of income by starting a new career, our instructors will help you get there. Many of our students are full-time Foot Zone Therapists. Imagine being about to set your own schedule while working less hours but make more money!

Life Coaching

One of the great things about learning how to help others through difficult times is it provides you with the opportunity to reflect inwardly and to heal yourself. The type of clients you will attract are often version of yourself that you have healed or parts of yourself you are actively working on.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are a great vibration tool to use during a Foot Zone session. If you don't understand what that means, don't worry! We will teach you all about vibration and using different oils to improve your mood, release emotions, and give your body a boost from Mother Earth herself.

Post Address and Mail


Office: Wellsville, UT.

Classes are held wherever our instructors are located. We have classes in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, California, Wisconsin, and Online everyone else.

If you would like an in-person class to be taught in your area, send Brad Noall a message. We have instructors willing to travel. Travel locations requirements depend upon availability, number of students in new location, and travel expenses.

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